We have stories too

We’ve been where you are. Boxes of family photos to sort through. A mix of paper and digital…SO MUCH digital! Not to mention the old trophies, kids’ macaroni artwork, photo albums and scrapbooks (what WERE we thinking?!?)

As your certified photo managers, we bring knowledge, skills, and lots of empathy.

Here are our stories.

Allison Pihl

A huge fan of organizing literally anything, with a background in engineering and business, Allison spent fifteen years helping people downsize to their retirement homes.  Recognizing that photos and memorabilia are the hardest things to address, she looks for ways to get them out of the dark corners of closets so they can be enjoyed.

Fun Fact:  Allison comes from a long line of engineers, and one of her great grandfathers helped build both the Panama Canal AND the Great Northern Railroad.

Amy Secor

A creative artist with a love of color, a background in design and customer service, Amy brings an eye for the unique and beautiful.  With a knack for finding the hidden gems and bringing forward the big ideas, Amy is able to tease out the story in the mass of photos, then craft it into a beautiful archive or book to share.

Fun Fact: Amy was on her way to Olympic Gold as a competitive gymnast when a growth spurt took her out of the sport (she’s 5’9” now).

Dominique Vauls

Another creative artist- Allison just can’t get away from them- with a background in fashion and visual design. Having tackled designing and constructing wedding dresses, prom dresses and wedding tuxes, Dominique is embarking on a journey of reinvention and aspires to drag her creative self (sometimes kicking and screaming) into the digital world.

Fun Fact: Dominique was presented to Princess Anne during her senior fashion show at the American College in London.

You can see, we love a good story.

So whether you’ve organized all your photos and are ready to digitize, or you’ve shoved them all to the back of your closet, let us help you write the next chapter of your story.

Our Mission.

We’re here to help you tell your story through organizing, preserving and sharing your photographs and treasured keepsakes with the people who matter to you.

Our Vision.

  • We treat our clients’ stories as if they were our own

  • We value our team as individuals with unique skills, and offer development and an encouraging place to work
  • We are supported by a community, and return that support through our service

  • Our profits result directly from our clients, team and community, and are used to support them