You’re turning over some of your most important items to us (think, what would you put in the car if you had to leave your home in a hurry?)

We understand, and take excellent care of your photos and memorabilia by using industry-standard handling techniques:

  • Every box you give us is stored in an opaque, hard-sided container labeled with your information, so it won’t be damaged or lost
  • We inventory everything you give us, so you know what we’ve got, and you know when it’s returned to you
  • We handle your items with care, wearing gloves to make sure we don’t transfer oil onto the picture or souvenir
  • We back up files like our lives depended on it! Multiple times!
  • We return your photos in acid-free, archival quality containers, so they stay safe over time
  • Nothing is ever thrown away until you’ve seen it and given permission

We offer contactless pickup through the Baltimore-Washington metro area and Northern Virginia. We can also recommend shipping options if you’re outside our local area.

Have a few more questions?

What do I need to get started?

Think about  your end goal.  Do you want a photo book, a website to share with the family, or just photos organized on your own computer?  What’s your backup plan? Contact us to discuss your next step.

How long will my project take?

As with so many things, it depends! We’ll discuss your current situation, how much you want to accomplish right away, and your future goals.  From there we can work on a plan and timeline to fit your needs.

Do you work in my home?

We will meet with you, either via Zoom or in your home, for an initial consultation. We’ll need 1 – 2 hours of your time to discuss key people and events that we’ll see in your photos.  Organizing and digitizing work is done at our location.

How do you get my photos and memorabilia?

We offer pickup within the Baltimore-Washington metro area. Outside of our local area, we’ll work with you to have items shipped directly to us.

How does payment work?

We take a deposit to start your project. We will then provide you with a payment schedule as we hit project milestones. We accept checks, Visa and Mastercard.

Can I do the work myself?

Absolutely you can!  But do you want to?  It takes time, patience, the right equipment, and some specialty software.  Let’s set up a free (free!) consultation to talk through your project.  We can point you in the right direction, or we can work within your budget.


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