Seems like there’s a day, week or month in celebration of almost everything. Here at Photographic Memories, some of our favorites are of course National Ice Cream Day (3rd Sunday in July), National Coffee Day (September 29 in the US, October 1 worldwide), and of course National Redhead Day (May 26 – Amy’s a redhead and Allison married a redhead).

But our FAVORITE celebration is September – Save Your Photos Month. Every year, The Photo Managers hosts a month-long series of tips, webinars and events to help us all figure out what to do with our photos – and albums, slides, videos, memorabilia, etc.

This year’s themes are Why Your Legacy Matters, Keeping Up With Technology, Overcoming Digital Overwhelm, and Future-Proofing Your Photos. All things that we believe in and discuss with our clients as we help you organize, curate and preserve your photo collection.

Because our goal isn’t just to digitize your photos. If we give you a bunch of .jpeg files and you never look at them again, we haven’t done our job. You may start your photo project with a big mess of photos stashed in boxes and a bunch of hard drives in a drawer, but you should end with a photo collection that you can search, share and view in a way that works for you.

Save Your Photos Month is both an educational event and a call to action. The education is free, and is provided by some of the best, most dedicated photo managers in the business. Allison has been honored to present a segment the last two years. If you’re someone who wants to jump into organizing and digitizing your own photo collection, there will be lots of good information for you.

And if you want to work with someone who will handle the details and create a collection with you, consider September a reminder on your calendar – don’t let another year go by without addressing your memories.

Registration for Save Your Photos Month is available through The Photo Managers:

So get going! As we say around here, “Don’t leave your memories in the bottom of a box!”